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Frontline GROUP – Strengths

Why Compliance MANTRA?
In Today's competitive scenario in Information Technology, the critical inputs that make FSL Software Technologies Ltd. stands out among its competitors are

Large Customer Base and Credentials
Frontline group has been providing various services – management consultancy, business process reviews, financial services, wealth management, and IT business solutions – to over 1000+ decision makers, companies, and high net-worth individuals. This large and varied pool of customers is associated with a wide array of business ranging from manufacturing, exporting, trading, retailing, and various other industries in diverse fields, many of which have worldwide operations, discussions and to conclude the sale with relatively short time-span and better throughput.

Strong Team of Management, Consultants, and IT Professionals
The organization being in Management and Corporate Advisory roles for last 30 years through its key people, FSL Software Technologies Ltd. has in-depth Commercial and business domain knowledge through its proficient Management team having more than 200 man years of experience. With extensive domain knowledge, the people at FSL continuously improve processes and enable accelerated delivery of world class solutions.

Stability - an organization to stay for long in Business
Frontline group has a well established infrastructure, debt free financial depth, and sound management skills to make the organization stay forever in the market.

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