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About Us

FSL Software Technologies Ltd is a software products and services company catering to the competitive business needs since last 18 years and is a part of 36 year old FSL group. Our pool of customers spreads over 1000+ enterprises, covering a wide array of business areas in diverse fields, many of which have worldwide operations.
In the year 2000, using its expertise in various domains, it started its software operations setting up its development center in New Delhi, India. Since its inception, FSL has developed a number of established products and deployed 250+ tailor made solutions in India as well as abroad.

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Why Compliance Mantra

Compliance Management Software

A unique and comprehensive Compliance Management Solution for compliances in your Industry. It offers great value in tracking and monitoring all your statutory and internal compliance related issues. Through ComplianceMantra, you get the MIS reports, thus enabling you to have accurate and real-time status of every compliance.

compliance management system

Define: Compliance requirements for multiple companies/ location can quickly be defined using a step-by-step wizard. Masters can be configured either manually or by uploading bulk data using spreadsheets - MS Excel, CSV.

Schedule: Compliance requirements can be scheduled for multiple fiscal years that too with automatically handling of holidays and weekly-offs.

Allocate: Each of the Compliance task can be allocated to its respective department and user, so that there is no ambiguity in responsibility.

Completion: You can mark completion of an activity just by clicking a checkbox.

Organize: Compliance Mantra Software helps in organizing both the task and to-do for the responsible user and data relating to a task in different file formats like MS Word, MS Excel, PDF, challan copies, documents etc.

Track: Tracking of compliance requirements is its one of the biggest USPs. It also has a strong MIS system for the senior management to control the task in its entirety throughout the organization irrespective of the physical location and department

Risk of Non-Compliance
  • Heavy penalties due to non-compliance
  • Undue harassments to key management & officers in charge
  • Focus gets shifted from business development & expansion
  • Other negative turbulence on business
  • What is the applicable law on your organisation ?
  • When is the due date of compliance ?
  • Who is the responsible person in your organisation for completion of compliance or task ?
  • How do you analyse the performance of a employee ?
  • How do you collect reports for status of compliances from different departments &locations ?
  • How do you get assurance of completion of a compliance or a task ?
  • How do you manage the documents of compliance completion ?
Value Proposition
  • Can save on heavy penalties and harassments: Constant alerts and monitoring makes sure that the task is done on time and to its definition.
  • Peace of mind for senior management
  • Electronic files / Papers: Since all the forms and files
  • Prepared/ required in the task execution are uploaded and attached to the task in electronic format. The information is secure and readily available to anybody with the required set of privileges.
  • Facilitates employee appraisal mechanism through its reports.
  • Centralized database
  • Uniform Process
Industry Segment
  • Manufacturing Industry
  • Automotive Industry
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Food & FMCG Industry
  • Textile Industry
  • Hospitals
  • Engineering Products
Key Reports
  • Compliance Control Report - Ensure all compliances are defined & none is missed
  • Company Wise Report - Location Wise Pending due and Overdue compliances
  • Act Wise Report - Statutory Act wise Compliance Task reports
  • Department Wise Report - Task Status - Pending due and Overdue Department wise
  • User Wise Report - Employee wise Pending due and Overdue compliances
  • Monthly Compliance Report - Monthly status of your compliances
  • Calender view of tasks - pending, overdue, done, or delayed done
  • Real time visibility to compliance status
  • Predefined and customizable reports
  • Deliver up-to-date information through out the organization on need to know basis
  • Alerts for exception and escalation
  • Centralized storage of documents (including proofs of compliance)
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Some of the key feature of ComplianceMantra Compliance Software are listed below

Compliance Task

Compliance related issues reported at a macro as well as micro levels

Standardized form based data

Business Operations specific

Segregated into regulation...


Monitoring of user action on compliance library, compliance tasks and incident action items

Deliver up-to-date information through out the organization on need to know basis...


Create audit trail - Report & audit information systematically & consistently

Data exported to CSV, MS Excel and other standard formats...

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compliance software solutions
  • Makes the compliances of organisation "Process Driven" rather than "Person Driven"
  • Peace of mind for senior management.
  • Save on heavy penalties and harassments.
  • Reducing non productive time of responsible teams.
  • Avoiding of penalties and harassment.
  • Constant review and tracking with the help of detailed reports.
  • Reduced pain of attritionas work done details.
  • Efficient resource management.
  • Effective management of teams at different.
  • Centralized database.
  • Establish employee responsiblity for a set of compliances
  • Assess workload of compliances team.
  • Facilitate employee appraisal and analysis.
  • Helps management in discharging responsibility of having an internal control system in place for compliances.
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